Payment for publication

The cost of publication - free of charge

The cost of 1 copy of the journal:
- 300.00 UAH (sending a journal by Nova Poshta to the address indicated by the author at the cost of the recipient)
- electronic version of the journal - free of charge

The pre-press preparation of the article is paid separately: translation or verification of translation of the text of the article into English. Checking the English text of the article, if the authors are not native speakers, is required.

Attention! Dear authors, due to the fact that the editors of the journal Technology Audit and Production Reserves submitted an application to Scopus science-based database, as it was stated earlier (see the news message on May 19, 2016), and on the urgent recommendation of international experts, all articles, starting from No. 2, 2017 (exit: April 2017) will be published only in English.


Rules for submitting an article's manuscript

1. Registration of the manuscript of the article on the requirements of the journal (link).
2. Granting of the manuscript of the article to the editors by one of the methods convenient for the authors:
• send to e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;
• submit an article on-line using the OJS platform (Open Journal System) link;
• to come to the editorial office at Shatilova Dacha st., 4, of. 702, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
3. Advance payment in the amount of 500.00 UAH.
The invoice (receipt) for payment is provided by the manager upon receipt of the author's manuscript of the article and the license agreement.
4. Work with the editorial staff on adjustments and updates to the article in accordance with the comments of reviewers and editors.
5. After the editorial board has accepted a positive decision to publish the article, make a final payment in accordance with the invoice (receipt) for payment. The amount paid according to paragraph 3 of the rules for submitting the manuscript of the article is counted as an advance for the pre-print preparation of the articles and is considered in payment after the decision to publish the article is made (for the publication payment see above).
The advance payment amount (item 3) is not returned in the following cases:
• refusal of the author (authors) to make corrections aimed at eliminating the inconsistency of the requirements of the manuscript on the structure and content of the article to the requirements of the journal;
• negative decision of reviewers to publish an article in the journal ''Technology Audit and Production Reserves''.

At the same time, the advance payment amount (item 3) covers the pre-press work with the article.

The refusal by the editorial staff (pre-press preparation, namely editing / reviewing the article) to the e-mail of the author (s) indicated in the article is a fact of confirmation of the performed work.

6. Submit a package of documents to the editorial office (see the link).

Attention! The author (team of authors) submitting the manuscript to the editorial office of the journal "Technology audit and production reserves" agrees with all requirements for registration, submission of the manuscript of the article and payment and be responsible in case of violation of these requirements


Автор (коллектив авторов), подавая рукопись в редакцию журнала "Технологический аудит и резервы производства",
соглашается со всеми требованиями к оформлению, подаче рукописи статьи и оплате
и несет полную ответственность в случае нарушения этих требований